Failing newspapers lead to an emerging new trend: ‘hyperlocal’ news Web sites

Reporter John D. Sutter reported for on the new “hyperlocal” news sites. Hyperlocal is a term used for news sites that have an exclusive focus on a specific geographic area. There has been mixed success with these news sites, but

the people who run hyperlocal Web sites say they are optimistic about the future of the news business. They say they won’t be able to replace all that’s being lost as large news companies crumble but say they are excited about the fact that they’re able to offer something new — at least for the moment.

One big problem being faced is that of funding. News on the internet is free. Sutter writes that major news organizations rely mainly on advertising. Even though some hyperlocal sites are made up of a group of volunteers active in the communities, editors and founders of the new online news publications are looking for ways in order to receive funds, such as nonprofit organizations, ads and readers.

“‘… [news is] not going to go away, it’s just going to come into a new form,’ said Jason Barnett, executive director of, a site that largely covers Minnesota politics.”

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