Backpack journalists make inroads at CNN

In one more sign of a move to “backpack” journalism, CNN recently announced that it was doubling the number of its domestic news bureaus, from 10 to 20. But they’re not really bureaus, according to MediaLife Magazine:

[I]n a testament to these internet times, they won’t be so much bureaus as reporters roving about in those cities, without any real offices as such. They’ll be finding digs where they can, likely the odd spare desk at the local paper, where spare desks are increasingly common. …The internet and cell phones allow reporters to work from anywhere, and many do. These days some magazines are put out entirely virtually, with even the top editor working from a cubicle, often in his or her home. 

Are j-classes preparing students for a new world?

The Online Journalism Blog asks “Should Journalism Degrees Still Prepare Students for a News Industry that Don’t Want Them?”  In a video discussion format, several journalists look at the mounting instances of job cuts and outsourcing and offer suggestions for making journalism education more relevant for tomorrow’s graduates.

Using Twitter as a reporting tool

Just getting into Twitter? You’ll likely find some interesting suggestions in “Five Ways to Gather and Report News with Twitter.” One of the best suggestions is to ask local Twitter users to submit questions for important interviews.

Instructor’s Manual now available

Instructors who have adopted “All the News” for classes have access to an Instructor’s Manual for the text. The IM includes chapter summaries, chapter outlines, chapter quizzes, definitions of key terms, sample syllabi and a compilation of all Assignment Desk exercises from the book. Instructors need to get a login and password.  Next, visit the text catalog page, click on the “resources” tab, and download the electronic file.

Welcome to the new blog for Thom Lieb’s “All the News”

As of Jan. 1, 2009, this will now be the place to check for updates to Thom Lieb’s “All the News” and find summaries and links to relevant news stories and blog posts. Please feel free to suggest entries or provide feedback by e-mailing me at Thanks for using “All the News”!