“He said-she said” journalism debate rages

In “How ‘balanced journalism’ helped the climate change deniers,” Will Bunch of Philly.com discusses a New York Times article “about how an interest group heavily funded by the oil and auto industries called the Global Climate Coalition was able to muddy the waters on manmade global warming, overriding scientists who said proof of this “greenhouse effect” was now beyond any doubt.”

Bunch continues:

You shouldn’t surprised that the Global Climate Coalition (nice name, by the way) ignored all this and went ahead and used pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo to create enough “reasonable doubt” on the issue for the public and our elected pols to put off any tough choices on global warming. What’s disturbing (although, again, not all that surprising) is the role that supposed “journalistic ethics” played in spreading this Big Lie, by cluelessly giving these charlatans equal play with the established science on the issue.

Other related articles worth checking out: Jay Rosen’s long “He Said, She Said Journalism: Lame Formula in the Land of the Active User,” which includes a very useful definition of the phrase and includes links to several other related articles and blog posts, including Richard Sambrook of the BBC’s “What’s So Funny About News, Comment and Understanding?”

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