Journalist Web sites growing in popularity

Rather than worrying about polishing their resumes today, many journalists pay more attention to updating their Web sites.  As Tony Rogers writes in “More reporters are creating their own Websites”:

Given the turmoil facing the news business, more and more reporters are starting their own websites or blogs, driven by the need not just to archive their work, but to create an online presence – a brand – for themselves.

John Tedesco, an investigative reporter for the San Antonio Express-News, told Rogers that “It’s important for journalists to have their own site to promote their work and have a kind of calling card on the Internet….When someone Googles your name, your site pops up. People can learn more about the kinds of stories you work on and find your contact information.”

Primer on Web 1, 2 and 3

Not quite sure yet what Web 2.0 is — and even less sure of what Web 3.0 brings with it? Check out Vin Crosby’s primer to get the inside scoop. Excerpt:

Web 1 created what has become a hyperlinked multimedia magazine of universal and global scale: the Web itself, which people browse via Web pages. It let organizations instantly publish or broadcast anything to everywhere without the constraints of press times or transmitter ranges, thus radically reshaping the media landscape. Web 2 then engendered nebulae of networked people whose complexity of gravitational currents and flows rivals some actual galaxies. Letting everyone who wants to publish and broadcast, Web 2 reshaped the media landscape even more fundamentally than Web 1 did.

Instructor’s Manual now available

Instructors who have adopted “All the News” for classes have access to an Instructor’s Manual for the text. The IM includes chapter summaries, chapter outlines, chapter quizzes, definitions of key terms, sample syllabi and a compilation of all Assignment Desk exercises from the book. Instructors need to get a login and password.  Next, visit the text catalog page, click on the “resources” tab, and download the electronic file.