Ten ways to improve your multimedia production

At Mediastorm.org, Eric Maierson notes that “Often, as multimedia producers, we are given work to edit that others have created. Some things simply cannot be changed, like an out-of-focus photograph. But there are some things we can do right now to improve the work no matter how challenging the original assets may be.” Maierson provides great examples to back up his tips but notes “This list is not meant to be dogmatic. I’ve broken all these rules. They’re offered as a suggested starting point.”

Newspapers turn to video for “commemorative editions”

Anick Jesdanun reported for The Times that many newspapers created videos of the 2008 presidential inauguration for people to use a keepsake of the event.
What makes this story unusual is the newspaper industry typically assumes people would rather buy a paper newspaper for a keepsake. Now they have learned that some people might rather have a digital copy of the same information.
While most newspapers continue to print more paper newspapers as keepsakes, the Post planned to produce a DVD with the same historic inauguration information. DVDs cost less to produce than newspapers and more can easily be made upon demand, unlike print newspapers.
The article focuses primarily on print media but the use of digital media like DVD by the print industry is worth noting. This possible new trend may help newspapers survive as their revenues have fallen to record lows.