Supplement or substitute? A look at the use of podcasts

In “Podcasts as a side dish, not the main course”, Mindy McAdams discusses the use of podcasts by professors as well as in the journalism industry. She gives tips as to how to successfully produce a podcast and use it to “create an audience.” A couple of examples are used to demonstrate her point:

Think outside the traditional medium and its delivery methods. Think about drive time, commuting time. Check out these two non-journalism independent podcasts and notice how they are promoted and archived:

    Coffee Break Spanish: Learn to speak Spanish while you’re drinking one latte a day.
    SCTRCST (Scootercast): About once a week, DaveM talks about scooters — you know, those two-wheeled vehicles that are smaller than a motorcycle and bigger than a moped.

Advice for shooting video

While Bill Pryor’s “Top Ten Mistakes of Rookie Filmmakers” is geared to filmmakers, it offers solid advice for those new to shooting video. Even if you plan to shoot just short clips for online use, you’ll find Pryor’s tips very helpful. No. 1 on his list? Bad sound. “Remember it’s an audio-visual medium. Audio and video are equal.”

25 Free Digital Audio Editors

One of the best things about creating multimedia is that great software is available for free. For example, has compiled a list of 25 free digital audio editors. While many people are familiar with Audacity, there are lots of others on this list that are worth exploring.