Detroit’s new era of accessible news using digital delivery

The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News are making changes and releasing news on the new technology of “e-reader” devices. Detroit will be the test market for news on the revolutionary reader produced by Plastic Logic and the new Kindle.

“We absolutely believe in the future of great newspapers, but we can no longer do business as usual,” said Dave Hunke, CEO of Detroit Media Partnership and Publisher of the Detroit Free Press. “These changes allow us to focus our resources on strengthening the content we provide readers instead of investing in paper, ink and fuel. They allow us to take a big step towards exciting new relationships with readers, subscribers and advertisers.”

To not leave behind less technologically-oriented senior citizens, DMP is introducing an outreach program that offers classes in basic computer use and expanding the copy sales at senior living communities.

“Our mission is to revolutionize the way people acquire, organize and consume information,” said Plastic Logic CEO Richard Archuleta.

Leland Bassett and Tina Bassett of Detroit Media Partnership have the story, photos and videos.


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