The importance of multimedia storytelling

At, Emma Heald asks, “Are newspapers making full use of the opportunities that the Internet offers to change the way that they produce their stories?” While her overall answer is “No,” Heald cites some cases where news organizations are working heard to incorporate multimedia into journalistic storytelling, and cites a French school program that is exploring alternate ways of telling stories.

Heald concludes:

It is clear that more innovation in newspapers’ story-telling could only be a good thing, as long as it does not overwhelm a story’s essential message. And given the recent moves that publishers such as News Corp are making towards charging for online content, creating more interesting, interactive websites could even help to ‘save’ the newspaper industry by offering readers an online reading experience that they might be prepared to pay for.

Other good recent articles on the topic include “Storytelling Is Stuck In A Rut—What Publishers Can Do About It” and “New Journalistic Storytelling.”


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